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Mario Tosta

Staff Coach / Trainer
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Mike Randolph

Staff Trainer
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The Benefits of Private Training

Why Private Soccer training?

  • Ball Mastery is the foundation of success in soccer.
  • Ball Mastery: Being comfortable with the ball, touches and turns. This will be the focus of each of our sessions.   
  • World top class athletes never settled for 2-3 team training sessions per week. They put in extra hours of individual training
  • Practice makes perfect: Doing something correctly over and over again is the only way to learn to do it well
  • The more a player plays the better they become.
  • Benefit of private training: We focus on individual player. This is not possible in a team training or practice. 
  • We plan our individual sessions based on player strengths, weaknesses and developmental needs

Session focus for Individuals & small groups

  • We review player strengths and weaknesses to determine what to work on 
  • Focus I: Ball Mastery: Comfort with the ball, touches and turns
  • Focus II: Technical skills such as ball control, passing & receiving, dribbling, shooting, defending
  • Focus III: Physical skills: Balance, coordination, speed, agility and quickness
  • It is not unusual to bring out all of the above in one session: It depends with player developmental needs
  • Use of game approach for small groups to help players resolve different problems presented in the game.

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