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College Advisory Program - CAP:

Proposed College Readiness Program from Olimpia Soccer Club: A step by step lecture series for parents and players designed to guide college bound student-athletes through the college soccer selection and acceptance process. In addition to general information lectures, this program also allows players to meet personally with experts who can guide them and their parents through this process from start to finish.

The program will begin at the players’ individual discretion in terms of when they start their personal recruiting process, but below is a timeline that should hopefully guide individuals as to when they should be doing their college research and how to make key decisions at particular times. Key lectures and guest speakers will be brought in by the club for different players at various times in the recruiting process to educate everyone on the process as a whole. Following is an outline of the program as well as steps:

  Freshman Year:
  • February/March : Familiarization with NCAA information and start looking! - Differences between D1, D2, D3, NAIA., scholarship information, the importance of grades, NCAA grade expectations and initial eligibility requirement, create a list of schools
  • March - June: Talk with mom and dad about college. - How much money is needed in order to attend college, will you need to pursue financial aid? Importance of athletic scholarship and/or potential for other forms of financial support? Which colleges when?
  • March - June: Attend 1-2 College Showcase Tournaments. – Start getting used to being evaluated at these events; find out which coaches attend which events
  • Summer: Attend 1-2 College Camps of Schools that interest you on your list of top 12 schools.
  • Spring - Individual meetings with club college advisor(s) to keep you on track and sort through the initial list of schools

  • July/August : College Showcase tournaments
  • Summer Know the basics of recruiting, put together a personal timeline and handle early communication and visits to campuses including possible attendance at camps - Initial email, Questionnaires, Follow up emails, Emails at key times, emails about camps
  • Fall – PSATs
  • Fall – Attend and watch as many college games as possible to get a sense of what styles fit certain schools and how you might be able to play at that school or at a particular level
  • Fall – Meet with high school counselor to discuss NCAA requirements and academic requirements of individual schools
  • Fall – Register with the NCAA Eligibility Center, start sending high school transcripts and test scores to the Eligibility Center
  • February: Finding $ for college - Soccer scholarships and other financial aid information
  • Spring- Individual meetings with club college advisor(s) to narrow college choices, when necessary; coincides with increased communication on your part with individual college coaches
  • Spring – Take the SATs towards the end of the spring 
  • March - June: Attend 3 College Showcase Tournaments. – Contact coaches from individual schools to see if they will be attending ahead of time; make contact with coaches after these events to see if they have watched you play
  • Summer: Attend 1-2 College Camps of Schools that interest you on your list of top 12 schools, if still looking. Plan unofficial visits to schools of interest to you, particularly those that are farther away.

  • Summer – Fall : Visits, more communication and verbal commitments.
  • Summer – Fall: Take the SATS (if not already completed or maybe for a second time)
  • February: Things that need to be done end of Jr into Sr year. - Stay in communication with coaches, especially emphasize what classes need to be taken and what, if any, additional entrance exams need to be taken, SAT’s, July 1st – the magic date, Continue Unofficial visits
  • April-Summer - Individual meetings, if necessary – Coming down to Decision time, attend additional showcases targeted for specific schools and/or college id camps

  • July/August : Finishing things up - Improving your SAT/ACT, Staying in communication with schools, Finish High School Strong
  • February-March - Participate in discussions that will prepare students for the first year of college, time management, quality study habits for college student-athletes, etc, keeping your scholarship while there, the 1st year, in and out of season.
  • April - Individual exit meetings, especially to describe your experience, perhaps mentor other players within the club about your personal decision making process
  • Winter/Spring – Individual Deadlines for individual schools regarding paperwork, scholarship, housing, details, etc. for you to become a freshman in college
  • Spring/Summer – Enjoy your senior year! Off-season college workout training program in the summer to prepare you physically and mentally for college

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